Girls, girls, girls

This year was the first year that I truly noticed International Women’s Day. Wednesday 8th March highlighted the importance of supporting women all around the globe. On this day I felt particularly proud to work for Avon due to the continuous support they put in place all over the world to help women. From Breast … More Girls, girls, girls

How to Productively Procrastinate when Postponing Your Job Search

Article written for INTRO According to Jeanne Meister, Partner at Future Workplace and co-author of The 2020 Workplace: How Innovative Companies Attract, Develop & Keep Tomorrow’s Employees Today, Millennials are expected to job-hop every 4 years and therefore, job hunting is never too far away. Nevertheless, we know the job search can be a tiresome process so here are some acceptable … More How to Productively Procrastinate when Postponing Your Job Search


2 hours and 51 mins, the average time each person spends trawling the online world every day in the UK. For us millennials (16-24 year olds), we boost that to 27 hours a week. When you put that into perspective, we’re spending a quarter of our waking hours online, and actually, I think many of … More 02:51