Girls, girls, girls

This year was the first year that I truly noticed International Women’s Day. Wednesday 8th March highlighted the importance of supporting women all around the globe.

On this day I felt particularly proud to work for Avon due to the continuous support they put in place all over the world to help women. From Breast Screening opportunities in Russia to the single largest donation to Refuge UK and the ongoing allegiance to speak out against Domestic Violence through the Avon Foundation, Avon truly is the company for women in every respect. It was great to see us lead the way as an official IWD sponsor this year. A special event was held in London welcoming other Refuge supporting companies to get involved with standing up against Domestic Violence.

Internally we all received a flower and promised to play our part in the equality of women, whatever form that may take for us.

If only we spent more time building each other up rather than tearing each other down.

On to some more great celebrations from other brands…

P&G #WeSeeEqual

A great video to demonstrate that P&G treat everyone equally. It definitely makes me warm to brands when they show this level of respect and ‘normality’ to really relate to.  Again, it’s just nice to see such a positive message in a world full of noise.


Tinder took to London’s South Bank inviting women to write an inspirational message to another women and take one for themselves in return. Lily Cole was one of the many that got involved in the feel good event. Why not try introducing something similar in your workplace?

It’s great that so many brands are getting behind the celebration of women! So let’s all try harder to celebrate our fellow sisters more often, because let’s face it, we’re pretty damn great. 

Natalie x


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