Campaign Crushes: January 2017

There’s no better time than January to get organised and set a new challenge when discussions of life changes and new goals are in the air! So I’m setting myself a challenge to make sure I find time to write 2 blog posts a month to share with you.  I’m determined not to let the mayhem of life get in the way… so any ideas for posts are more than welcome! Time to kick off 2017…

It’s started with a bang! We’ve already dealt with severe weather warnings, a US inauguration and the plague of celebrity deaths continuing into the new year. So here’s my top picks for the marketing world this year to lighten the mood…

L’Oreal | Snapchat Spectacles

Image result for loreal snapchat spectacles

L’Oreal are sweeping the digital world already in 2017! Let’s start with the genius way they brought backstage to life at the Golden Globe Awards by providing Make-Up Artist Sir John and two Brand Ambassadors with Snapchat Spectacles. The devices captured backstage footage from a first-eye” view, giving followers the chance to see celebrities getting ready backstage and take a stroll down the red carpet. No doubt we’ll see more MUA and backstage moments from these lens’ in the future. 

L’Oreal Kerastase | Digital Hairbrush

Image result for loreal digital hairbrush

Now let’s take it up a notch. L’Oreal owned Kerastase have unveiled the world’s first “Smart Brush”, featuring a microphone to listen to the sound of your hair in order to analyse it. You can then build your very own hair plan based on personalised recommendations! It seems pretty far fetched to me but they’re utilising two huge trends of the moment; technology and personalisation. And if nothing else there is no doubt that this will get people talking! It looks like L’Oreal is determined to make 2017 their year, and they’re getting off to a pretty good start!


Nike, ASOS and Airbnb are the first companies to use Instagram’s latest addition, an ad format within the stories section of the app. As users are watching multiple stories, a 5-15 second unclickable photo or video will appear as a sponsored ad – a very similar concept to Snapchat ads. I’m expecting to see brands quick to jump on the “Insta-ad” bandwagon; particularly as it is fast emerging that social media is the way to communicate with Gen Z’s (currently aged 21 or under) who spend a vast amount of their time on social media compared to the rest of the population.

What platform is most engaging for you from an advertising perspective? TV, social media, print…?



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