Brand Crush: Kayla Itsines

The Australian goddess that is motivating girls to get ‘strong and fit’ all over the globe has built a whole brand around her everyday life and it’s brilliant… and super infectious!

Kayla Itsines comes across as humble and down to earth, but is driving thousands of girls around the globe to get fit through her Bikini Body Guides.

With a strong presence on social media, a website, and the recently unveiled ‘Sweat with Kayla’ app, Kayla has created a hub for women to create their own communities all working to reach their goals with her guidance.

It really is incredible to see the journey that online sensations take when they really take off.

So what’s made her this incredible success? For me, Kayla combines 3 concepts that are so important for success in this media driven world: social media (obviously!), passion and genuine authenticity.

The Kayla empire has been built on her friends telling her to start an Instagram account to be able to support people she didn’t have time to train; now she’s supporting 6.1 million people all around the globe!

While you may say that she just got lucky, her passion and authenticity that shine through in every single post are what’s got her to where she is today. She knows how lucky she is, it’s clear how much she cares about the role she now plays for many women and she wants to make a positive difference. What’s not to like! Combine that with millions of women sharing their own transformations and you’ll quickly succumb to the wonder that is Kayla Itsines!

On that note, better go and attempt one of her 28-minute workouts!



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