Campaign Crushes: June 2016

In the month when Her Royal Highness celebrated her 90th birthday, the UK voted to leave the EU, British Home Stores failed to find a buyer, and football took over our tele’s, let’s review this months’ top campaigns…

Pimms’ Jelly Buckingham Palace
We can’t start with anything other than a clever marketing technique in line with such a big event – the Queen’s 90th birthday. Pimm’s played a key role throughout the events including a Pimm’s jelly structure of Buckingham Palace and corgi’s displayed at the Patron’s Lunch.30,000 glasses of Pimm’s were expected to be served across the Mall, St, James’ Park and Green Park during the festivities. Now to plan what Pimm’s jelly structure I’ll be creating, and wait for the sunshine…

Orange’s National Eiffel Tower
In line with the football celebrations this month, Orange unveiled a social media campaign involving the Eiffel Tower and some lights. Customers were pitched with the challenge of achieving the most hashtags for their country in order to see the Eiffel Tower lit up in the country’s colours for the last 10 minutes of the evening match.

Becks’ CapCam
Becks has got technical fitting a 360-degree camera lens into their bottle caps. The camera lens can be attached to a smartphone camera to create a fisheye lens. This just leaves us wondering… why isn’t every bottle cap this productive?

Starbuck’s & Budweiser’s Teavana 
Starbuck’s and Budweiser are collaborating to creating a new range of non-alcoholic teas to be sold in Starbucks stores. The new range is anticipated to launch in the US in 2017, with the intention to open up the tea market to a younger audience, broadening both companies’ reach. First glimpses look fresh and fruity but will they beat the Very Berry Hibiscus?

Domino’s & T-Mobile Pizza Fail
Who doesn’t like free pizza?! Dominoes, apparently. Dominoes teamed up with T-Mobile to offer free pizza on a Tuesday for T-Mobile customers, however it didn’t last long. On day one of the offer, Domino’s couldn’t handle the increase in orders and consequently the offer has been pulled. Let’s hope they work out a solution so free pizza can resume!

What was your favourite campaign this month? Something linked to the Queen’s 90th? or the Euro’s perhaps?


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