Campaign Crushes: February 2016

2016 has come in with bang! In the month when the beautiful Vienna was named as the best city to live in,  Adele smashed the Brit Awards, and the most romantic day of the year spread a lot of love, let’s look at this month’s top campaigns!

KitKat | Mobile Parking Lot

KitKat released an 11-finger bar for sharing – yeah apparently you’re supposed to share it! But this isn’t the best bit, the outer packaging transforms into a phone ‘parking lot’, so put the phones in the bays and get talking with your sharing friends. A great way to bring back face-to-face conversation and put the digital world at bay for a few minutes. And chocolate too, how could you say no?


Haribo | Platform

This one was purely selected to make you smile. It makes me chuckle without fail every time it pops up on TV – who doesn’t want to feel like a princess?


Volkswagen | Then. Now. Always.

Volkswagen have brought out their first campaign since the big scandal 6 months ago. With a heavy focus on a brand that is there for a lifetime in a bid to rebuild trust the advert depicts various stages of a boy’s life from a child himself, to starting a family of his own.

Volkswagen really took a hit when the scandal emerged, and rightly so, but these next stages will be crucial to the brand’s comeback from just a devastating discovery.


The Valentine’s Campaign

I couldn’t discuss February’s campaigns without having one that celebrated the love struck month. This year Virgin Trains nailed it with a clever, quirky, heart filled train ride…

Virgin Trains | Love Carriage

Virgin meets First Dates in their latest campaign. Virgin welcomed singles on board their revamped trains, inviting them to speed date with none other than First Dates maître d’, Fred Siriex.

Just 24 tickets were available for the 125mph journey from Kings Cross to York, with applications taken through their website.

Lets hope Fred worked his magic!


What was your favourite campaign this month?





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