How to Productively Procrastinate when Postponing Your Job Search

Article written for INTRO

According to Jeanne Meister, Partner at Future Workplace and co-author of The 2020 Workplace: How Innovative Companies Attract, Develop & Keep Tomorrow’s Employees TodayMillennials are expected to job-hop every 4 years and therefore, job hunting is never too far away. Nevertheless, we know the job search can be a tiresome process so here are some acceptable ways to procrastinate a little longer (you can thank me later)!

Talk to People

It’s so important to use and build your network nowadays, at any stage in your career. People you know, on a personal or professional basis, online or offline, can be so helpful in providing inspiration, motivation and information … so go ahead and speak to them! It can be really enlightening to hear that people you view to be so successful have faced the same struggles you are facing, and come out the other end! Discuss how they climbed the career ladder to where they are now – it might help you to understand where to start your hunt. You never know where a conversation could take you so a 10-minute chat over coffee is always worth it.

Use the Internet

If you’ve already talked the ears off your personal contacts, get on LinkedIn. It’s super interesting to see people’s career paths. Search for a job role that you aspire to – currently or in the future – and look at their career steps. Do they have any key skills you think you could work on to enhance your CV? Have they done anything that really stands out, such as volunteering opportunities? Do they write any blogs that provide more of an insight into their career or industry? See if there’s anything you can take from their route, add another string to your bow.

Get on Social Media

Yes you read it right; you’ve got permission to productively get your social media fix. Get your professional profiles up to date and try to keep up a continuous stream of relevant conversations online. Business Insider have identified that 94% of recruiters utilise social media platforms, namely LinkedIn, so it is important that you build a great first impression online. These platforms also provide access to a whole array of job opportunities so it’s a good way to keep up with what’s on offer too.

Stay on Top of Your Field

It’s easier to keep up with what’s going on in your industry when you’re working in that environment, but if you’re studying or working in a different industry and planning a career move, it isn’t always top of your mind. It’s a huge advantage to maintain a good understanding of what’s going in on in the fields that interest you. Spend time checking it out on a regular basis. What’s in the news? Are there any challenges that companies are facing? – what opportunities or threats does this involve? How could a company combat these issues?

So next time you need a guilt-free reason to procrastinate, use these top tips to take a stepback – and a step forward at the same time!


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