Campaign Crushes: November 2015

In the month where fireworks lit up our skies, Adele announced her comeback tour and Black Friday took over our bank accounts, let’s look over this months best campaigns (and the festive spirit is kicking off already!).

It’s that time of year, the christmas adverts are being released and we’re all excited about who’s going to bring the best story to our screens. For me, I am of course kicking off with John Lewis’ “The Man on the Moon”…

John Lewis | Man on the Moon

Another great story from John Lewis! I know there has been a lot of bad press about various elements of the advert, but I think people are just finding something to pick out. The John Lewis Christmas ad has become iconic and it has always been based around an emotional story that tugs on the heart strings! For me, it didn’t fall short this year either!

As usual, they continued their story beyond the advert itself; with everything from a book to the telescope to flannels, they have produced a whole host of merchandise to support support the tale throughout the Christmas period.

But this year they went a step further, introducing Augmented Reality (AR) technology into their packaging. Having created an app in line with “The Man in the Moon”, they imprinted a moon image on the bottom of their packaging. When a phone is directed at the image, through the app, the moon becomes 3D and interactive in a different way each day (on day 1 a rocket zoomed round the moon!). More excitingly, this is supposed to work on the real moon too!

The ad I think all these John Lewis critics should be disputing is the Sainsbury’s advert, which to me looks more like a health and safety video gone wrong – I much prefer the festive story! It’s redemption is the partnership with Save the Children, because let’s be honest, Christmas is all about the young and the old.

Aldi | Telescope Christmas Advert

Aldi have come back brilliantly with a parody advert of the John Lewis “Man on the Moon” advert. I’m a fan of their “I like this one” adverts anyway so to do this spin is great.

As I said before, obviously people are going to pick at the John Lewis advert because it is so iconic now but I think Aldi have done it in the right way, with a little bit of humour!

Well done Aldi, you’ve done it again!

Lidl | The Lidl School of Christmas

I feel that Lidl took a leaf from Aldi’s book and brought a bit of humour to the table, and I think it will have paid off for them! Studying key elements of Christmas, such as ‘how to fit a turkey in the oven’, it’s a fun way to see such an exciting time of the year!

Harvey Nichols | Avoid #GiftFace

Giving light to why you always write a Christmas list, Harvey Nichols took a humorous spin this year and told us all to get practicing our #GiftFace! Have you got yours sorted?


Come on then, which ad gets your vote?


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