Campaign Crushes: October 2015

In the month when James Bond’s Spectre hit our screens, M&S launched a loyalty scheme, and New Zealand won the Rugby World Cup, let’s take a look at some of this month’s super spooky campaigns.

Sainsbury’s | Halloween 2015

A great combination of TV advert and media with an app. A great way to get the kids involved, with an advert that appeals to them in the spooky season and I’m sure many will beg parents to try out the spooky speaker app – genius!

Candy Kitten’s | The Scariest Vending Machine in London!

Definitely jealous that I didn’t get to experience this one! I really appreciate these pop-up style marketing campaigns that have taken hold over the last couple of years. It is a great way to interact with customers and strikes up a great word of mouth campaign – people love to share experiences!

Tesco | The Spookermarket

This advert made me smile. Tesco are making their comeback and a quirky ad will only be helping them. It’s something I would love to see happen … to someone I was shopping with, not to me!! Taking advantage of a calendar event is always a winning way to get your name out their more, and adding in a bit of comedy is a bonus!

Adele | Hello

The not so scary Adele made a comeback this month, and the way it was unveiled was genius! In one of the the ad break’s for X Factor, a plain black screen with the lyrics emerged with Adele’s gorgeous voice showcased over the top for just a 30 second snippet. Simplicity at its best, and boy did it get people talking! Well done Adele, looking forward to listening to the whole album.


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