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2 hours and 51 mins, the average time each person spends trawling the online world every day in the UK.

For us millennials (16-24 year olds), we boost that to 27 hours a week. When you put that into perspective, we’re spending a quarter of our waking hours online, and actually, I think many of us probably need to own up to even more than that!

These figures have doubled in the last 10 years which shows the direct impact social media has had on our lives. Nearly three quarters of internet users over the age of 16 admit to having a social media profile in some form, with the average UK “surfer” holding 4 social media accounts equating to around 1 hour and 20 minutes worth of online scrolling a day. And whilst many of us have grown to be super savvy online users, specialists are now seeing an increase in the negative impact that this much media is having on us, particularly teenagers.

People have said that the bombarding of the press can negatively affect us for a long while, especially teens while they are already struggling to establish themselves, so it should come as no surprise that multiplying that impact as constant messages across all devices is only going to increase the pressure that youngsters are under.

It is a crazy lifestyle that we have got into, and like many other things I’m sure this will be a phase, and something else will be consuming most of our time in a few years to come, but for now, my answer is … Instagram!

It’s near impossible to avoid social media at all costs, but after many years of flicking through pointless posts and ranting tweets, I have established that the happiest social medium has to be Instagram.

People only take the time to spruce up a pretty square picture (or not so square nowadays!) when it’s something super pleasing to the eye, or funny, or just a great moment! And that is the way I want to interact with people. I don’t want to constantly hear about how badly everyone’s day is going, and while I can’t say I’ll never succumb to a twitter rant, I can say that I’ll be spending most of my time and energy on Instagram, where there are far more smiles than misery.

This was explained to me perfectly after taking The Guardian’s “What’s your social media age?” quiz which informed me that, with a social media age of 25, I’m over the excitement of social media and just use it as a means to an end – and to show off any amazing looking meals of course! #droolworthy

So now it’s your turn, what’s your social media age?


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