Campaign Crushes: June 2015

In the month when Wimbledon got us back on champagne and strawberries, Arnold Schwarzenegger scared fans in a real-life Madame Tussauds spook, and skinny jeans became a safety hazard … let’s review the top campaigns of June 2015.

Pizza Hut | “Blockbuster Movies”

Pizza Hut launched a concept this month where their box doubled as a movie projector.

4 selected pizzas offered customers the chance to download a free film and use the lens included to turn your phone and pizza box into a cinema experience!

Unfortunately this limited edition pizza revelation was only launched in Hong Kong, but hopefully it’s huge local, and social, success will allow us all to get the chance to test the blockbuster box at some point in the near future. Until then, attempting to sneak a pizza in your bag into the cinema is the next best option – good luck!

Carlsberg | “If Carlsberg did Haircuts”

Carlsberg were not lying when they said that their beer tap poster was only the start of a stream of campaigns this year.

Now, the company are claiming that they would also be top choice for haircuts should they dabble in the industry. Producing grooming products from their original recipe, with 0.5litres of freeze dried Carlsberg in each product; Carlsberg claims that “the main ingredients of Carlsberg lager – barley, hops and yeast – are rich in vitamin B and silicium – both of which are said to have beautifying properties for both hair and skin”. The products will be available through the Carlsberg shop, as well as through promotions and events.

Accompanying their limited edition grooming products (shampoo, conditioner and body lotion) is a TV advert which is equally as genius!

Rekorderlig | “Silver Skaters”

The “Beautifully Swedish” cider brand has unveiled its first ever global campaign, driving it’s “Beautiful Over Ice” motto.

The 60 second advert follows two bearded ice skaters on a frozen lake before they break into a physically demanding, impressive ice skating routine, all under the eyes of their coach.

Initially launched as a social campaign, it will go on to come alive in cinema, PR, online and various other channels too.

My ‘top’ list was hard to choose this month with so many great campaigns, so what was your favourite?



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