Campaign Crushes: May 2015

In the month when; we welcomed HRH Princess Charlotte, Justin Timberlake dressed as a lime for his Tequila (Sauza 901) advert and the General Election sparked a whole mass of digital marketing; let’s discuss the top campaigns from the last few weeks.

Firstly, let’s just take a minute to highlight how big an impact the events of this month have had, and will have, on marketing and our economy.

Following in her mother’s footsteps from a very young age, the Princess Charlotte effect is expected to include an £80m spending boost on souvenirs, food and drink alone. In addition to this, retailers are predicting a £150m per year spend on clothing stemming from the new baby’s attire, through high street labels trying to replicate her outfits.

In addition to this, Princess Charlotte got quite a welcoming from a digital standpoint, with great numbers of companies taking to social media to welcome the new royal in a variety of ways…

Princess Charlotte Tweets

Too cute!

Okay, back on task, here are this month’s top 3 campaigns…

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home | #LookingForYou

Created by the same agency that built the ingenious BA #lookup billboard (if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a look purely for cuteness!), they have created a very similar concept to promote Battersea. RFID tags are used in the campaign flyers and when in close proximity of the billboard, a gorgeous puppy will come onto screen and follow you in your path. It definitely has the “tugging of the heart-string” effect – not that I would need much convincing to rescue an adorable little puppy.

Channel 4 | Persona Synthetics

Possibly the creepiest advert I’ve seen in a while; I was one of the many that got conned into googling how in the world this is possible. We were all fooled guys, but when you realise that the ‘advert’ for the fake company is actually a teaser for a new upcoming series you realise just how clever Channel 4 has been. The ad depicts cyborgs that can carry out many day-to-day tasks. With over 100,000 google searches and 423,000 website visits, they have built an exceptional ‘April Fools’ style campaign and demonstrated a brilliantly innovative way of promoting a new series.

And they didn’t stop there. A shop front on Regent Street has been transformed to advertise Persona Synthetics, with the ability for passers-by to create their own ‘Synth’ using interactive screens & Microsoft Kinect technology. A mock auction has even been constructed on ebay selling one of the robots. However, the storefront, website, social media accounts and fake company will only remain until May 17th, with the show set to premiere in June.

Great job Channel 4 – possibly the best TV promo ever; hugely innovative and you’ve intrigued me to tune in for the big reveal!

Innocent | Unplugged

Innocent Unplugged

The smoothie and juice brand are going against the wave by shunning social media rather than encouraging it. Don’t worry, their twitter feed of random tweets will remain intact, but the brand is encouraging consumers to step back from social media and enjoy the moment.

Innocent Unplugged is a free festival for 1,500 invite-only guests in a wooded location with no Wi-Fi, no 3G and no traditional electricity. I know, what a crazy idea in today’s society eh!

But actually, this completely resonates with me at the moment. As a millennial and a marketer, I have always been on top of social media and I am aware of the important role it plays at the moment. However, I have recently taken a step back from my own personal channels, with a weekend detox from the constant checking, notifications and updates from all the different apps – and I can reveal that it wasn’t disastrous, it felt great! See my post Social Media – or is it?

Therefore, I think Innocent chose the perfect time to align with the natural essence of the brand, strip back and make sure attendees enjoy the moment itself rather than being too busy sharing it with all their followers.

So, will you be tuning into ‘Humans’? Or have you already tried to buy your own ‘Synth’ from Persona Synthetics?

And more importantly, would you be able to switch off social media for 48 hours?



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