Campaign Crushes: April 2015

In the month when Pharrell Williams collaborated with Adidas on 50 shades of “Happy trainers”, PepsiCo replaced Coca-Cola as top NBA sponsor after 28 years, and our lovely Queen turned 89, here are my top campaigns for April 2015.

Carlsberg | Probably the Best Poster in the World

What better way to kick off the summer weather we have experienced this month than with a giant poster with a free beer tap attached! Carlsberg set up a huge billboard in Shoreditch on 8 April 2015 with a functioning beer tap, allowing passers-by to enjoy a refreshing beer – for free!

Apparently, this is only the start for Carlsberg, with a series of similar stunts planned for throughout the year. In addition, they have big plans to promote their Somersby Cider brand and launch the alcohol free ‘Carlsberg Zero Zero’ on a nationwide level.

We look forward to the next stunt – although I’m not sure beer would quite win me over! Carlsberg Wine? I might have to settle for the Cider.

Compare the Market | Meerkat Movies

Meerkat Movies

When EE announced the end of Orange Wednesday’s, I – as a customer who was only with them for that offer – was absolutely gutted! The level of genius behind Compare the Market taking on board the nations devastation and providing an even better offer is brilliant!

It makes me want to switch my mobile provider AND buy through Compare the Market. But it’s safe to say that I will definitely look to buy future insurance with Compare the Market.

A very clever move that will definitely reel in the younger customers, if not everyone!

Dove | Choose Beautiful

Dove is battling to inspire women across the globe with their new campaign encouraging women to ‘Choose Beautiful’.

Entrances labelled as ‘Average’ and ‘Beautiful’ left women in London, Shanghai, San Francisco, Sao Paulo & Delhi having to choose which door they deserved to walk through. It was interesting to see that most women chose the average door for themselves, but when they were with others they would be told to go through the beautiful door. Perceptions of beautiful will always differ but it’s great that Dove is trying to boost esteem amongst women globally, especially in a society where the ‘perfect’ look is driven so intensely across social media, online, on TV screens and in magazines.

I doubt the campaign will inspire me to buy dove, or really change my self-esteem dramatically, but it’s another way to give back to the community and it’s nice to see that the opinion of female beauty is slowly changing from focus on just the external elements.

What was your favourite campaign this month?



2 thoughts on “Campaign Crushes: April 2015

  1. Fantastic review of the month’s campaigns…

    As the country is gripped by election fever, my favourite advert this month (not technically an ad campaign, but hey!) is the ‘The Sky News Ballot Ballad’

    Makes me laugh everytime… although hasn’t helped me decide who to vote for!


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