5 Ways to Connect with Millennials in 2015

As a millennial myself I am aware of the confusion businesses are facing with how best to address the ‘future generation’.

Millennial’s have been brought up experiencing a huge lack of trust with higher authorities – in a business and political sense – which has created an army of cautious youngsters who make sure we strive for the best in everything and ensure we get what we deserve, if not a little bit more!

Our connection with the digital world has been imprinted since we can remember and this is now a way of life for us; more and more of our daily activities are being completed online – and any that can’t be completed online are facing an “Evolve or Expire” situation.

So how do you target us so that we want to drive success for your brand?

1. Bring Something New to the Table

More and more I find myself striving for a new brand to buy from or a new activity to do… it’s becoming an obsession! But there’s nothing better than finding a new jewellery brand meaning you don’t have to give in to wearing the Pandora’s and Michael Kors’ on everyone’s wrists.

I have recently been introduced to Kickstarter – one of many websites where people promote their entrepreneurial idea in the hope that people will help to fund the initial start-up. I like to browse if there is something particular I’m looking for, because it gives a whole new concept to a ‘normal’ item – and they can be much cheaper than well-known brands!

If you can achieve this concept within an already existing, well known brand, you’re onto a winner with us!

2. Create a Community

We tend to be very social creatures, and pretty nosey! We always want to know what’s going on and we want quick responses should we need to communicate with a brand. There is no better way to cover these points than to join us on relevant social media channels.

And if the brand is going to explore more than one social media channel, consistency is key!

It can benefit a brand if they acknowledge positive experiences, but more importantly to attempt to rectify bad experiences. Recently, I contacted Thornton’s via Twitter after a few of my Valentine’s chocolates had exploded over the box! They responded reasonably quickly saying that we could exchange the box in-store! I was slightly disappointed that they didn’t acknowledge our witty request for a year’s supply, but a response is better than none!

Thorntons Tweet Editted     Thorntons Reply Tweets Editted.PNG

3. Do a Good Deed

Giving something back is one of the positive characteristics that I think resonates with many Brits including our generation.

However we do have limits on this. Unfortunately we can’t give to every charity that requests our support, so if companies provide an added perk to a purchase we were going to make anyway you may sway us to move to your brand  – it fills our good deed for the day.

A great example of a brand that does this brilliantly is TOMS. The company was established on their ‘One for One’ motto, meaning that for every pair of shoes purchased TOMS give a pair to someone in need. As the company has grown they have expanded this model into their eyewear range, helping to improve the sight of someone in need, as well as their coffee bean business, providing one week of clean water to a person in need.

4. Take on Technology

Working in an IT software company has really opened my eyes to the potential technology has in upcoming years. Being immersed in devices pretty much from birth, we are starting to get bored with the current gadgets on offer. Engaging with technical possibilities, particularly in retail, there is definitely scope for a whole shake-up of the high street.

We are a hard generation to gauge, in that we want the best of both worlds as and when it suits us. We want the online/pick-up in-store option when we need speed and convenience, but on a leisurely Saturday spree we seek personalised, quality customer service. It will be interesting to see how the industry applies everything from augmented reality to virtual fitting rooms, balancing; speed, convenience, and personal customer service – and I don’t think the concept is far away with Burberry already trialling gadgets in their London Flagship store.

5. Provide a Service

Be it before, during, or after a purchase we are a society that expects more for our pennies – especially as prices just seem to be ever-increasing!

So now, as a differentiator, we expect to see some form of service (even if it’s just exceptional customer service) as part of our purchases where applicable.

For me, a good example is The White Company. Not only are their products of a high quality but their service is always on point too. No matter how you try to get in touch with them; in-store, online, over the phone, or via social media, you are always guaranteed brilliant customer service – exactly how it should be! Having a good experience has such a strong impact on word of mouth, companies really should consider it more.

How much do you agree with my 5 ways? Are you a millennial? Let me know your thoughts.



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