Brand Crush: Astley Clarke

Astley ClarkeHave I mentioned that I have a strong desire for new brands? It’s an unhealthy obsession!

Add to this a love of jewellery, and it isn’t the easiest combination to work with… uncovered brands tend to break the bank; well-known brands are seen on everyone’s wrist!

Then Astley Clarke appeared in a Google search one day, and the rest is history!

Although I claim to have discovered the brand myself, I received my first Astley Clarke bracelet as a gift last year. My excitement when I saw the bag itself was enough, but the gorgeous wrapping paper and beautiful presentation of the jewellery adds an extra element of luxury to a perfect present.

While I may have come across a challenge with the gift, the customer service offered by the company is exceptional and the issue was soon amended. Every telephone call, email, and even postal communication, have a high-end, personalised, dedicated touch – leaving you feeling like a truly valued customer.

I have also had the pleasure of visiting their gorgeous boutique store; set in a picturesque, cobbled mews in Paddington, London. It is safe to say that the combination of beautiful surroundings, lovely customer service, and amazing jewellery meant that I didn’t leave empty handed!

Furthermore, the company’s social media presence is inspiring and branches across several relevant tools including Instagram, which is an excellent outlet for Astley Clarke to show off new, trending and ‘celeb-spotted’ pieces, allowing their pictures to speak a thousand words. Their Twitter feed  is also something I follow closely – along with 8,600 others – as content is always relevant, consistent and timely.

It is obvious that time has been spent on building a cohesive ‘character’ and strategy around their social media touch points, making every interaction a positive addition to the brand.

Astley Clarke is a perfect example of a company who takes pride in their products, but also places huge emphasis on customer experience – an element that I believe is key to success in today’s world!

Go on, I dare you to have a peek.


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