Top 5 Marketing Campaigns – Part III

The last of my favourites…

4. LG – So real it’s scary!

I can’t begin to talk around this campaign, it’s worth a watch… and a fun way to fill the day! Very clever way of emphasising their expertise.

Totally understand how this campaign went viral – there’s always someone you can think of to share this with. I’m not sure how well this campaign would have been sales-wise, but I’m sure it would have got the brand in people’s minds.

5. Airbnb – ‘Night At’

Airbnb Courchevel

Airbnb, the company that is finally outdoing budget hotels, has introduced a brilliant new concept.

They have launched a series of ‘Night At’ competitions whereby the winner (and a friend) is invited to spend the night in an unconventional but insanely awesome location! The last location was a night in a 9000ft high luxury cable car apartment above a Courchevel ski resort.

How do you enter? All you have to submit 100 words on the company website on why they would like to win this prize… better get drafting an entry for their next location!

I’m sure this will get Airbnb’s name circulating even more. For me, originality is taking over my life more and more – I always want to find something ‘new’ to do, or travel to a ‘new’ place, or find a ‘new’ brand to buy from. Maybe this is due to my millennial nature, but it is for this reason that this campaign really caught my eye, and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future prizes with Airbnb!

So, what’s your favourite campaign? I would love to see other campaigns that you think are brilliant, let me know in a comment.



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