Top 5 Marketing Campaigns – Part II

Number’s two and three of my top 5 campaigns…

2. John Lewis – #MontyThePenguin

For cuteness, John Lewis struck the mark again over Christmas. A young boy wanting to find love for his penguin friend – so adorable. A really well filmed advert around a heartwarming, ‘giving’ theme. JLP have founded a name for themselves in the Christmas advert market and they managed to follow previous years well with another solid, emotion-grabbing advert.

Making sure Christmas remained ‘all about the children’, the campaign came with a whole host of related elements; penguin cuddly toys (Monty & Mabel), a book, a smartphone app, quirky iPhone orientated goggles, in-store ‘Dens’, a magical toy machine (bringing the merchandise to life) & Monty’s Winter Garden.

In addition, parts of the campaign are linked to specific charities; the books are linked to Barnado’s, a UK child support charity and a link was established with WWF to adopt a real life penguin – an additional emotion-tugging element during the festive season.

The campaign was extremely well executed with brilliant dedicated twitter pages for both Monty & Mabel with pictures, tweets and interactions posted throughout the Christmas period.

And on top of all of this, as collateral, the soundtrack – Tom Odell’s cover of John Lennon’s ‘Real Love’ – skyrocketed in the charts.

3. Coca-Cola – ‘Share a Coke’

Share a Coke with Natalie

Okay, you’ve caught me. Yes, I have been one of those lunatics raiding the drinks fridge in supermarkets to try and find a Diet Coke with my name on it. And if I can’t find my name, there must be one that has good personal comedy value!

Coke really got a winner here. Everyone wanted a bottle with their name on and while Coca-Cola don’t strike me as a brand that particularly needs to increase custom, I’m pretty sure people that spotted their name may have picked up a bottle over their usual bottle of water. And following this, there were Coke bottles and selfies plastered all over social media to prove their achievement.

Personally, I think they would have done well to link this campaign to a charity. While the campaign was a huge success, I think it is becoming an increased desire to help others, particularly for the millennial generation. If it was something you were going to buy anyway AND you’ve done a good deed for the day – it’s a total win win!

Having said this, it didn’t stop my determination to find a ‘Rudolph’ bottle through their Christmas campaign – so I can’t let go of that crazy girl rampaging through fridge shelves!!

The final campaigns are still to come, the next and last part is on it’s way…



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