Top 5 Marketing Campaigns – Part I

Straight onto the good stuff with my number one recent marketing campaign, Cancer Research’s #NoMakeupSelfie Campaign.

1. Cancer Research – #NoMakeupSelfie

Cancer Research No Makeup ThankyouI expect that many girls had the same thought as me when the notification came through that you had been nominated for the #NoMakeup selfie – ‘I can’t put that on social media!’. But it soon doesn’t take long to be engulfed by how good the cause is and you just simply can’t refuse.

The #NoMakeupSelfie’s raised over £8m in just 6 days proves the reach that this campaign met – and essentially for free! But this is not the only benefit of the campaign; girls everywhere stripped back and had the courage to expose themselves, make-up free – truly invigorating among all the photo-shopped media we see every day!

Although I am probably as guilty of this, I feel that it is so important to remind ourselves that not everything is about looks, especially to younger generations. Events to manage this are starting to evolve – my secondary school integrated a 2 day event into the school week to focus on inner beauty, with the second day encouraging girls to have a make-up free day. I was completely shocked when my 15 year old sister and her friends were looking forward to it – I’m not sure I would have been that brave at that age!

The charity social campaigns didn’t stop there in 2014; the #ALSIceBucketChallenge and Stephen Sutton’s ‘Thumbs Up’ also promoted huge awareness and fundraising. It was great to see all generations getting involved in such social based campaigns. Creating this community element to campaigns is something that the millennial generation are really driving – whether the community is close or the other side of the world, helping others in any way possible is a real focus for a large chunk of the my generation.

I’m already looking forward to the next social campaign, I wonder who will drive it… I would love to hear your views on current and future social campaigns, feel free to leave a comment. Otherwise, stay tuned for the remaining 4 of my Top 5 Marketing Campaigns.



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