What was 2014 all about?

For me 2014 was a year of doors opening; I went from being a hard-working (but relatively unengaged) university student, to being immersed into a IT software marketing team that manages all marketing activities across 9 countries with two people… and now me!

I knew I was never University’s biggest promoter, but I have definitely realised I am much more content when I am involved in something I have a true passion for and feel there is a clear purpose in, all while challenging me along the way.

So the top 5 things 2014 taught me career-wise?

Top 5 Lessons for 2014

It’s definitely been a year of establishing myself and I’m eager to see what the future brings.

Marketing-wise, I don’t feel like 2014 was a significantly monumental turning point in any way; yes social media has grown in the business world, but it is not something drastically new. Also, events have taken different turns with the likes of pop-up stores, but again not particularly new. I am keen to see the development of technology in stores as I think this will really be the next big marketing innovation. Having said this, there have been some great campaigns over the last few years, and these are my personal top 5:

My Top 5 Campaigns

So why did these campaigns make my top 5 list? Stay tuned for my next 3 posts to relive them and find out why!



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