NatalieBlog post #01 – here we go…

I have started this blog as a way to really progress my marketing career; help me to develop and demonstrate my own opinions – and improve my written communication – across the entire ‘umbrella’ that marketing encompasses.

While I may have decided that marketing is definitely the direction in which I want to begin my career, this doesn’t quite narrow it down to a job title for me. There is such a huge expanse to this industry – something that has drawn me into it – but it doesn’t half make it hard to choose a specific path, although I am definitely learning that having true passion for my role will be essential for me to be the best I can be.

Over recent years I have gained experience in the industry from agency and client side –working for both small companies and huge global organisations. Currently working for a software company as part of my sandwich degree, the breadth I am learning across marketing activities and country borders is really quite amazing.

I hope, along with the experience I am gaining, this blog will enable me to develop my thoughts on where I would be able to give, and gain, the most regarding my career. So as with many things, I am sure my ways of blogging will grow and develop – a girl can dream! But for now, as I am new to this, I am going to ease myself in by firstly reviewing the last year, and then picking out my overall top 5 marketing campaigns.

Moving forward, I plan to write around anything to do with marketing – I do not want to limit myself to certain areas, I am keen to learn all around the industry and I hope you enjoy following my growth, values and views. Please don’t hesitate to comment on my blogs or contact me – I would love to hear from readers and I definitely do not bite!


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